Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Saving Money at Restaurants

  • A great way to save on eating out is www.restaurant.com . We use this site a few times a month! You can purchase certificates to various restaurants in the area and even search by category of food. You can buy certificates for $10 off or $25 off or even more off your purchase. $25 coupons usually cost $10, but there are always codes to enter at checkout to make them less. For example, this week they have a deal making it only $2 for a $25 off coupon! Enter the discount code SAVE at checkout to make use of this deal. Check www.couponmom.com to find the current code or sign up for free at www.restaurant.com and they’ll send you emails when they have deals going on. There is a minimum purchase and look to make sure it’s good on the day you want to go (some apply Monday through Thursday, etc). You can print it out right away and be ready to go! We’ve found some great new Italian, Persian, steak, and family restaurants this way!

  • We also use the entertainment book frequently. Books generally cost $25 and they have a lot of coupons for not only casual and fine dining, but also movies, events, etc. They even have some freebies, like a free burger at Carl’s Jr. Right now they have a deal on their website, www.entertainment.com/discount/home.shtml You get A FREE 2010 Entertainment Book when you reserve your 2011 edition. I went to dinner with some friends the other day and we were able to use 2 entertainment book cards for 4 people, saving us $18!

  • Many restaurants are sending out coupons right now to try to get more business. Watch for coupons in the mail and in your Sunday newspaper.

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