Saturday, October 2, 2010

$70 of Tegu Magnetic Building Blocks for $28

Introducing Tegu: Curiously attractive, magnetic wooden toys for your seriously creative kids (Available through Monday)

Tegu's unique magnetic wooden blocks have the power to entertain children for hours. And, admittedly, they distracted our staff for so long, it's a wonder this write-up ever got done(!). But the wonder doesn't end there; this wonderful company uses building blocks to build community, creating fair-wage jobs and funding schools in Honduras. Use today's $70 voucher to have fun & do good.

  • Tegu is a proud recipient of prestigious industry accolades, including the Dr. Toy Award, and well as an Oppenheim Best Toy Award. Congrats!
  • New to the site? Allow us to explain what we mean by "voucher".
  • Vouchers will be delivered via email by Tuesday at noon, and will be ready for immediate use.
  • This is a single-use voucher and leftover value (if any) will not be retained by user
  • A maximum of 5 vouchers may be purchased, but only one may be used per transaction on the partner site (why?).
  • Vouchers may not be used for shipping, tax or gift certificates, and cannot be combined with other offers.
  • This voucher will expire on February 4, 2011.
  • Tegu lets you choose USPS or FedEx and offers customized pricing based on your location and the mailing service of your choice.


  1. Oh, Kristin! That's a good one!!! Miss you sister!

  2. Thanks Laira! Chris has started tracking all the group deals. It's fun to have a joint project! I miss you too!